Christmas Eve: Santa Comes Tonight

A long, long time ago, before she hit The Real World as many people call it, Rose Boettinger was a senior in high school (2005-2006). During that time, when winter rolled around, she put together a portfolio for her honors English class filled with all sorts of writings. She has recently run across this portfolio and has decided, it being close to Christmas and all, to share one piece in particular. It takes the form of a diary entry written by a young girl with a strong belief in Santa Claus and who thinks boys have cooties.


Santa Comes Tonight

December 24, 1998

Dear Diary,

Hey, it’s Jenny again. Santa comes tonight. I think I’m going to stay up to see him, just incase he forgot what I asked for. Ever since I saw that commercial for the baby Cabbage Patch Kids, I’ve been bugging Mommy and Daddy for one. They seem to get the point, but I don’t know if Santa does. Maybe he wants to meet me too, just so he can see how good I’ve been.

Something tells me that Mommy won’t let me stay up, though. Oh no, that would be a disaster! Well, I’ll just have to sneak downstairs tonight when they finally go to sleep. It takes them forever, you know. I can’t wait until I’m allowed to stay up as late as they do. 8:00 isn’t exactly the best time to fall asleep. That’s when all the good stuff happens. It’s okay though, because I have my teddy bear to keep me company. I got him last year for Christmas. His name is Happy because that’s what I was when I got him–happy.

I wonder what Santa really looks like. Everybody says his cheeks are red. What if they’re pink? Does he always smile, or is it just sometimes? Bobby says that he’s not real, but Bobby’s just stupid. He is so annoying. He always pulls my hair in class. He makes me so mad, but Mommy said that’s because he likes me. I hope Santa gives him coal for Christmas this year. Last year he got a red fire engine. He didn’t deserve it. Maybe I should talk to Santa about that, too. I’ve never really heard Santa’s laugh, either, except for in the movies. I think it’s because he doesn’t want to wake me up because he believes Mommy and Daddy when they tell me that I’ll be mean the next morning if I don’t get enough sleep.

How come I never heard the reindeer on the roof before? I asked Daddy and he said it’s because Santa gives them a special food that makes them lighter than a feather. That’s why they can fly. I should ask Santa for some of that stuff. Then I could fly. That would be so cool!

Well, Mommy says dinner’s ready. I have to go now. I’m not really hungry because all those peanut butter cookies filled me up. My mommy makes the best peanut butter cookies in the whole wide world! Okay, she’s yelling. I should probably go. Bye!

Love Always,
Jenny Jones


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