New Year’s Resolutions

At the beginning of each year, people around the world make promises to themselves that they intend to keep in order to better themselves–lose weight, eat healthier, save more–but halfway through the year, they lose track of those promises. They get wrapped up in the busyness of everyday life and forget to fit their resolutions into their already hectic schedules.

As for me, I’m planning on something simple, something I already try to do regularly. I don’t need to lose weight; I could probably do some more saving, but that’s beside the point. This year, I’m going to keep a record of all the books I read from beginning to end, attempting to write summaries/analyses on them upon my completion of each. This means more blogging. I need to keep a journal, and I am on the Internet all the time, anyway. And I’m going to try to avoid reading books I’ve already read (mainly the entire Harry Potter series, some of the best books I’ve ever read). I’m hoping this simple plan will increase my reading speed and strengthen my creative drive. I am quite a slow reader; but when I read, I read thoroughly, taking in every word, every letter of every last detail.

My New Year’s Resolution begins with this book: a book by JD Robb, entitled Creation in Death. I began reading it on Wednesday, January 4, and I will return to A Reader’s Thoughts once I finish it. Good-bye, for now.


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