First Book of the Year

I finished reading the novel Creation in Death on January 26, 2012. It is the first book I’ve read from start to finish this year. It is also the first novel I’ve read that was written by Nora Roberts under the pen name J.D. Robb. I believe the books written under J.D. Robb are all mystery novels, and to my knowledge, all the titles end in in Death.

I’ve been a fan of Roberts’s writing since I picked up her short story compilation A Little Magic halfway through high school. I found a few J.D. Robb novels at Border’s while browsing through their scant selection of merchandise just before the store went out of business in the Lancaster area, and I snatched them up before anyone else was able to find them. Although I haven’t read more than half the books I own, I can’t stop myself from taking advantage of amazing sales (especially when Nora Roberts is involved). It is a dangerous addiction.

As for Creation in Death, I highly recommend it to anyone who is intrigued by detective tales with romance splashed throughout. In this particular book, a mystery that occurred nine years ago in New York comes back to life and it is Lieutenant Eve Dallas’s responsibility to uncover the mastermind behind the disappearances of young women in their late twenties to early thirties, all with specific characteristics and employment histories. No later than a week after each is reported missing, they begin to turn up–dead, clothed in nothing but a white sheet and wearing a silver band on their left ring finger. Dallas won’t rest until the killer is apprehended, but will he get to her first?

Creation in Death will have you turning pages quicker than you can say, “suspicion.” It’s a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the whole ride.


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