J.K. Rowling and the Plot Twist of the Century


Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) & Hermione Granger (Emma Watson)

Holy hippogriff, Batman! What is this news I wake up to today? Hermione and Ron having marital issues?? I don’t know if I can handle this. I don’t know if the Harry Potter fandom can handle this. Thanks to Britain’s Sunday Times, we now have excerpts from an exclusive interview with Rowling hosted by none other than the original Hermione Granger herself, Emma Watson. Of course, I saw the article written by Andrew Simms on Hypable.com via Facebook and then did a bit of research for myself to find this piece on CNN’s Entertainment webpage.

Comments are raging on the CNN article, swinging both ways. Some even suggest the possibility of a new storyline, featuring Ron turning to the Dark Arts. Is it wise for Rowling to attempt such a task? Could this be the end for the Golden Trio? Why didn’t Rowling just put Harry and Hermione together from the get-go?

As many of us know, a few years back Rowling admitted debating whether to kill Ron halfway through the series (via Deathly Hallows DVD extra). Fortunately, however, the fandom was blessed with his presence throughout the rest of Harry’s journey as a teenager and into his mid-30s, to the last of our knowledge. What would we have done without Ron’s comic relief? What if he’d never saved Harry in Deathly Hallows? So many “what-ifs,” we could go on forever, speculating what could have happened.

As a writer, it’s difficult at times to decide what should become of your characters. I love that Rowling is able to share with us now what could have been, how she might have created a different ending. That’s the beauty of being given the power to work with words. Your creativity provides you with multiple opportunities for your characters, and it is your responsibility to choose what happens next, what’s for the best for your characters. Rowling possesses a talent many people dream of having, and hearing her thoughts is a blessing.

And look out, world of Harry Potter fanfic! It’s gonna blow up with all sorts of “I told you so’s.” That world is gonna be totally upside-down.

The full interview is set for publication in Wonderland, a magazine distributed across the UK, this coming Friday, February 7.


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