I Hate that I Love Teen Fiction

I’m almost 26 years old. When I read teen fiction (which, admittedly, is quite often), I find myself verbally telling the main character how stupid or annoying she is, yet I can’t bring myself to put down the book. Maybe it’s just me, but I want to find out what sort of shenanigans her stupidity gets her into throughout the rest of the story.

Then it usually turns out to be a pretty good book, and in some cases series. If it’s a series, once I start, I have to find out what happens to her at the very end of the very last book. Of course she’ll live, because that’s what always happens with main characters. In every series. Her life is threatened in every book, yet you know there are more books so she couldn’t possibly die in each book. Or could she?

Yet if the main character is immortal, the series would probably be less successful, because who wants to read a series in which death is not an option? As readers, we thrive on suspense. With an immortal main character, however, the suspense can only be carried so far before we lose interest in the character or storyline.

What are your thoughts about teen fiction?

Have you ever started a book or series with a plot line or character that had you so frustrated that you just couldn’t finish?

What was one book or series that annoyed you but you felt the need to just push through to find out what finally happened to the characters at the very end?


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