Emma Watson Disgusted By Social Media Acts

The ever lovely Miss Emma Watson took to Twitter yesterday to express her distaste for social media pervs. As many of you are aware, the phone of her friend Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games, Silver Linings Playbook) was reportedly hacked this past Sunday, August 31, along with personal accounts of other lady celebs. Nude photos have been reportedly circulating around the world wide web, some celebs declaring them fakes. However, whether these birthday suit pics are legit is no laughing matter.

Social media privacy violations

Watson is known to be an advocate for women’s rights and gender equality. She is one of the few celebrities who promote nothing but optimism and compassion toward others, aiming to change the world with one action at a time. I’ve always been a fan of her modesty when it comes to fashion: “My idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal the more people can wonder.”

With all this being said, however, it makes me wonder…how can we feel empathetic toward a young adult who should have known better than to have even contemplated having a nude photo taken if she didn’t have plans for it to be revealed? By no means am I saying that Lawrence is using this as a publicity stunt–that’s not the case at all. She has no need for such a thing, as she is more successful already at the age of 24 than many aspiring actors and actresses may ever be. In addition, her spokespeople have informed the public of her outrage at this privacy invasion, and full-blown investigations are underway. I’m merely saying that I’m surprised at the fact that Lawrence, such a bright and talented young woman, must not have thought about the repercussions of her action before doing such a thing.

Celebrity Privacy

celebrity privacy leaksTheir popularity only makes celebrities even bigger targets for invasions of their privacy. Unfortunately, there are tons of people who would pay big bucks for access to embarrassing moments or dirty little secrets of celebrities and government officials. Therefore, these people need to be even more careful with how they handle their private lives.

“If Katniss does it, then it’s gotta be okay,” young girls may think, unable to distinguish the difference between a character and the actual person. But there’s a huge difference: Actors and actresses pretend to be fictional characters on a daily basis. They get paid to pretend to be other people. Just like each one of us, every actor and actress is flawed. None are perfect.

So many celebrities need to realize that young people of the world look up to them, consider them heroes, even idolize them, and that everything they do and say impacts the lives of hundreds, even thousands of individuals.

It Can Happen To Anyone

No matter how many times something like this happens, individuals everywhere believe, “Oh, that will never happen to me!” They think that because they’re not popular like celebrities, they don’t have to worry about these sorts of issues. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Every now and then, situations like this are broadcasted on the news. Another high school teen has been found spreading nudes of his girlfriend to his buddies. My question is this: Why do girls feel the need to comply with perverted desires of young men? Perhaps it’s a sign of insecurity. They should find people who love and care for who they are as individuals, not what they look like. Appearance may be a contributing factor to many decisions in life, but it is not everything. Our bodies are sacred; they are not to be used for materialistic purposes.

If you value yourself as an individual, if you truly love yourself, then think before you act. No matter who you are, what your social status may be, your privacy is always at risk of being revealed. Once a deed is done, it cannot be reversed. Once it is revealed, it cannot be hidden again.


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