Fall Feelings

Rain falls heavy on the delicate touches of autumn, collecting on the tops of miniature pumpkins resting on their vines in gardens decorated with scattered leaves. Red. Brown. Orange. Yellow. Leaves of all shapes and sizes are forced off their branches forever by the teeming rain and hefty winds, detached from their only source of life, left to die–some together, some alone–on blades of browning grass. We call this beauty. The process of death. Millions of leaves lose their lives every year, and we take pleasure in their deaths.

autumn landscape

Under this season’s sun, parents laugh as young children get lost in large piles of leaves in backyards everywhere. Dogs race around, playfully snapping at stray leaves blowing in the breeze. No two leaves are alike. No two children let out the same laugh. No two families are exactly the same. But so many of us share pleasure in witnessing the miracles of fall.

We gut pumpkins and gourds, calling it “fall decor.” We purchase cans of pumpkin innards to make the best pie ever invented. We take advantage of nature’s predictable cycles. But be careful. That rain makes those dying leaves awfully slippery on our man-made sidewalks. Those piles of leaves may have some nasty little bugs waiting to squeak, “SURPRISE!”


What’s your favorite part of this season? The food, the decorations, or the picture perfect painting of nature’s slow demise?


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