I Upstateam a Writer

Writing is my passion. It’s what I do. There’s only one problem: I can’t finish.

My goal is to write and publish a novel. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve started and never finished. I just lose interest and come up with different ideas months later, never returning to the previous stories. So, if you’ve got any advice, writing tips, or motivational blurbs, I’m all ears. Well, eyes, really.

I am a Reader

I probably own more books than I’ll ever be able to read. And I keep buying more. I can’t help it. It’s a habit.

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes, and as you’ll find out, I am anti-eReader. There’s something about holding a book, fingers itching with anticipation to turn the page. The thrill of suspense coursing through my blood. Having the power to continue the journey just by the flip of a finger, the turn of a page. And how can anyone not love the smell of books? New books have that smell that screams “READ ME!” While the old book smell lures its reader in with the, “Please become my next reader, my new best friend” smell.

And then there’s the eReader. Just like everything else anymore, reading is becoming technologically advanced. Sure, you can get a bunch of free books on one little screen to take with you anywhere.

But you don’t get the texture and thrill of the print on each page. You don’t experience the scent of well-loved pages inside of an either hardcover or paperback with carefully and thoughtfully designed cover art. They’re good if you’re traveling for long periods of time, I suppose. But I take forever to read just one book. Anyway, the point is that you won’t catch me with an eReader anytime soon.


One response to “Biography

  1. Emily Kathleen

    Hey Rose! This is Emily. I was updating my LinkedIn connections and I found you and your blog! You should keep updating, I enjoyed reading what you wrote 🙂


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