Movies That Do Their Books No Justice

The books listed here vary on a scale of pretty good to great. The film adaptations scale, however, goes from pretty crappy to downright awful.edward's ashes

  • Girl with a Pearl Earring, Tracy Chevalier (1999/2003)
  • Twilight, Stephenie Meyer (2005/2007)
  • New Moon, Stephenie Meyer (2006/2009)
  • Eclipse, Stephenie Meyer (2007/2010)
  • Breaking Dawn, Stephenie Meyer (2008/2011)**
  • City of Bones, Cassandra Clare (2007/2013)


**The second date here is in reference to Part 1. I think the acting is pretty poor and most of the films come across as extremely low-budgeted. I did, however, enjoy Part 2, which is why that date is excluded from this particular list.


What are some of your least favorites?


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