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An Update: Making Progress

Just thought I’d toss out a quick update if you’re interested….

  1. Finished The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Totally not what I had expected, but it was still fantastic even though the ending was fairly predictable. I highly recommend it to those who enjoy classic literature.
  2. My little sister finally returned my copy of The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky that she swore up and down she’d returned to me almost two years ago. I feel like I should have a sign-out sheet for my books. My copy of City of Bones is not on its shelf…I’ll have to check its status with the borrower. She’s heading for Europe next month, and I’d rather not risk my book disappearing among potentially lost luggage.
  3. Currently reading Four: A Divergent Collection by Veronica Roth. It’s pretty good, but it’s not holding my attention nearly as tightly as I’d anticipated. It should be a quick read, but it’s taking me much longer than it should. I’m hoping to post a brief review sometime this weekend. Someone really needs to hold me accountable for writing reviews. They have a tendency to slip my mind all too often.

That’s all for now! What are you reading this week?


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Dorian Gray…Oh, Dorian.

Just a quick update.

As you all know, I’m reading The Picture of Dorian Gray. The book’s first eight chapters were great. Now, however, things seem to be progressing rather slowly and I’m losing interest. I hope it picks up soon.

Also, Lord Henry is annoying. His insights in the first few chapters were intriguing, but I’m not a fan of how Dorian is letting Lord Henry influence him in various ways. I suppose that’s one of the points of the story, though.

Oh well. The only way to know how it ends is to keep pushing on!


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Late Night Writing on a Thursday

The following is a piece I wrote on March 13, 2014. I’ve tweaked it a bit, rephrasing or leaving out where necessary. There is no beginning. There is no end. It is only a moment in time. The narrator is a man. You determine his appearance and the exact time and location.

With each drink, your face becomes clearer. I see your blue eyes, the fog that hovers over the water before a storm. The straw-colored hair, resembling the hay bales I lug around nearly every day, flowing out from under that baseball cap supporting the little league team you played for before you hit the third grade. The sweet taste warming my insides shows me what I’m missing.

The king-sized bed with the disheveled bedsheets. Your cheeks, blushing bright red, indicating the closeness of uncharted territory. The primal crave of skin on skin. Your innocence spins around the room faster than Dale Earnhardt, Jr., at the Daytona raceway. Why aren’t you here now? Because I’m an idiot.

Because I pushed you too hard. Too far. Another sip and you’re closer. Almost, but not quite. Your light blue sundress sways in the wind, in the field before me, the white daisies desperately trying to break free of the soft cotton. There you are. So close, but so far out of reach. So far from me.

One more sip. Your laugh echoes in my ears over the out-of-tune country wannabe band doing their damnedest to sound just like George Straight on this lonely Friday night. The sound of heavenly tinkling bells sucks me in. Remember the time we parked behind that abandoned barn on the outskirts of town? Good times, right? God, I miss those days.

Another sip. The field…no, the room….is that a mirror? It’s all spinning. Faster. Faster. Black.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my very first WordPress blog site. Once my Internet is up and running, and I’m not stuck running to the library every other day, I’ll be able to update much more often. For now, I must leave the library. The weather is not pretty. The branches of the trees outside are swaying to the right and the clouds are gray. Now the rain is beginning to fall…sideways. My 10 minute walk should be fun.

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