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Dorian Gray…Oh, Dorian.

Just a quick update.

As you all know, I’m reading The Picture of Dorian Gray. The book’s first eight chapters were great. Now, however, things seem to be progressing rather slowly and I’m losing interest. I hope it picks up soon.

Also, Lord Henry is annoying. His insights in the first few chapters were intriguing, but I’m not a fan of how Dorian is letting Lord Henry influence him in various ways. I suppose that’s one of the points of the story, though.

Oh well. The only way to know how it ends is to keep pushing on!



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The Picture of Dorain Gray: Change of Plans

It has come to my attention that the movie adaptation of Insurgent strays from the book. I’m already slightly disappointed, as I was so looking forward to another awesome adaptation.

Wait a minute!

You may be thinking, How is this remotely relevant to The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde? Well, friends, I shall tell you how.

Whilst scrolling through my news feed on Facebook this evening, I came across this article* on the movie adaptation of Veronica Roth’s Insurgent. (WARNING: Article may contain spoilers for current and future productions.) The title itself triggered a red flag: “‘Insurgent’ is dramatically different from the book.” Not cool. The brief summary informed readers that parts have been changed to such an extreme that it will conflict with some issues in the final book, Allegiant.

So, what about The Picture of Dorian Gray?

Yes, yes. About Mr. Gray….

Since I’m planning to see Insurgent in theaters opening weekend and with the reports of differences and how they may affect the production/screenplay of the final two installments of the Divergent film series (by the way, they’re splitting Allegiant into two movies…more on that later; that will have its own special rant), I feel as though Allegiant should take precedent over The Picture of Dorain Gray.

Yes, I myself am slightly conflicted with this change, as I despise reading more than one book at a time (college was a killer), but I think it will be for the better. At least, I hope it will.


*Please note that I can neither confirm nor disprove the validity of this article.

(Also, I’m not quite sure why the Goodreads widget to the right of the screen has not updated to include Insurgent. Anybody have any ideas on that?)

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